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LG Dare – UI Tips
* pictures viewed in full screen can advanced/moved back – just press the center of the photo and “swiping” your finger left or right. (swiping also works in menus, messaging and many other apps).  LG-Dare info

when viewing in thumbnail mode, pressing and holding a picture will give you a choice for “set as” or “erase”.

* Press the camera button will bring up the display overview thumbnail to “jump” to another section of the web page. – It works for both the portrait and landscape modes.

* in the “favorites” section you don’t have to drag and drop a photo – to perform an action you can just tap the photo then the function.

* Move the clock around the home screen – When selecting a clock type, click the icon to the left of the clock description. When the photo comes up, click, hold, and drag the clock to your desired location.

you can also cycle through all the different clock versions by swiping your finger to the side like scrolling. You can then test out each clock version and reposition them to your liking before making your final selection.

* Use the SEND and END keys to handle calls while the screen is locked -If you don’t like unlocking and pressing the soft “Answer” key, just use the physical SEND button when the LG Dare is locked. It will answer the call for you, and you can press END to finish the call if the screen locks on you.

* Quick Status Reference – If you touch the status bar above the menu bar (where your vibrate icon/new message icon shows up) it will bring up a notification window that shows, if your LG Dare is on ring/silent/vibrate…then you can click on that, you can change the ringer.

Plus a lot of other things like Text messages, voice mail, missed calls, Speaker phone, Calendar event, Alarm event.

* vibrate mode – hold the # key on the dialpad for vibrate-only mode.

* volume/ringer adjust – in the volume control section you can just touch the bar of the volume level you want instead of using the rocker keys to go up and down.

* Drawings (from Tools/Drawing Pad) can be set as wallpaper directly from the Drawing Pad’s options menu at the lower left corner. If you try to set the wallpaper under the normal “display options” menu, the drawings will not show up as the available selections.

* Texting Quick Send – when you’re done typing a message just hit the hard “SEND” key instead of pressing “Done”, “send”.

* Text to Speech for Inbox Messages – press the little icon that looks like a face in the upper left corner of your inbox and the message will be read aloud by your LG Dare.

* Custom Home Screen – If you go into the short cuts menu you can drag and drop the icons onto the home screen. Select an icon and drag towards the top of the screen and then release it. When you go back to your main screen it will be there and then you can align them where you want.
to get ride of the icons drag them back to the shortcut bin icon on your home screen

* One Touch Speaker Phone – press and hold the speaker button to answer the phone, it will automatically unlocks the phone, and turns on the speakerphone.

* One Touch Volume Off – hold the volume down rocker for ~3 secs to turn sounds off. do the same with the volume up rocker to turn them back on

* Quick Picture Taking – when in camera mode, just push the key all the way down and let go. you will see it autofocus then take the picture. now dont hold the key because it will then switch to video mode. so just push all the way down and release[/QUOTE]

* Even QUICKER Picture Taking! – from the home screen, if you double click the camera button, it will nearly instantly take a picture

* Video Messaging – It is better to record videos with the option “for save”. If you try to send a video that is too long to send (including high speed footage) you will be prompted to edit the video. You can essentially select just a portion of the footage to send. Whenever it asks you if you want to save your edits, it always saves a copy so you don’t have to worry about it overwriting the original.

* Two Finger Touching – When I pressed and held down on a shortcut on the main screen and then touched somewhere else on the screen, then let off of the shortcut, the shortcut “jumped” to the other spot! After a little more experimenting, I found it also worked for the people on your favorites screen (including dropping them in the action bar) and when cropping photos does the same for the cropping box.

* Re-Calibrating the Screen for QWERTY Texting – start the touch calibration sequence and hold the phone Horizontal (landscape) and used the right thumb for the right two dots and the left thumb for the left two dots and the center. (several members claim this had made texting much easier for them when the QWERTY mode is in use)

* Changing Color of Custom Banner – When you are setting your custom banner (not the ERI banner), drop down the key pad to see a variety of colors to change the text. Helps when you have dark or odd color pics as your background!

* Quick Response to Ignored Phone Calls – When on the phone if someone beeps in you can push the Ignore button at which point it will ask you if you want to send a Quick Text. You can select from a list of preformatted texts to send.

* Resize Large Pics to Send in Messages – this 640×480 version of the photo is under 150KB so it can be sent as a picture message at “full” size. at least this is larger than the LG Dare’s built-in resizing “feature” that resizes images over 500KB to a minuscule 512×384.

go to my pictures.
click on the photo.
click the menu button and choose edit.
click the middle button on the left-hand side (the one with the scissors).
click the second button down from the top on the left-hand side (+ in a circle).
click the check mark.
click the check mark again.
click the floppy disk to save. this does not overwrite the original image.

Random Useful Tidbits
* Flashlight – if you turn on the video camera and enable the flash you can use the LG Dare as a flashlight in a pinch.

* Headphone Jack Cover Storage – the little rubber dustplug that sits in the headphone jack can be stored under the battery cover for safekeeping. it fits in any of the holes for the screws that hold the phone together, and the back cover will go back on just fine. it also fits at the bottom of the battery area.

* Car Charger – any micro USB car charger should work, it doesn’t have to be LG specific.

* USB Mass Storage -After installing drivers on the computer, you may use the LG Dare as a card reader if applicable by connecting it via USB to your PC and entering menu/settings & tools/tools/USB Mass Storage. Then you can drag & drop pictures, video, Mp3s, etc. directly to your card. (HINT: for a faster transfer, I recommend using rear USB ports)

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Craig on 13 April, 2010 at 9:01 am #

“* Car Charger – any micro USB car charger should work, it doesn’t have to be LG specific.”

As the Dare does not use a standard shaped USB Mini-B connector, I really doubt this to be true. On the other hand, if you have a power brick or car charger that accepts a standard “A” plug (like the USB ports on a PC), then the Dare should charge with any of those just fine by using its standard charging/sync cable to plug into said adapter.

Sheila McGee-Smith on 3 November, 2010 at 7:00 am #

Love some of these tips – especially moving clock around so pics are not obscured, changing text color on banner – thanks for sharing.

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