LG Dare – Turning Charging Screen Off

I want it to not show anything because I charge my LG dare next to my bed when I sleep and I want the least amount of light shining from my phone as possible.  It’s weird that the LG dare doesn’t go into a screen saver mode when charging plus then it could charge faster too. Is there a way to turn the charging screen off so that there isn’t any light coming from the LG dare? LG Phone Problem and solution

Now I replacing the charging screen with an all black image that would reduce the light-output through the pixels and promote longevity (even thought I doubt that is a serious issue). But what it boils down to is personal preference. LG-Dare info


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5 thoughts on “LG Dare – Turning Charging Screen Off”

  1. I have the LG Shine, and whenever I charge it when it’s on, the screen would suddenly turn on. It’s distracting. But like Keith said, I would turn it over. Seems like the only way.

  2. I have a VX9600 whos battery would not hold a charge. Got a new one after the old batteries (had a backup) would not charge at all. Got a new battery and the phone is completely dead, can’t charge it, won’t turn on, nuthin. Help?

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