LG Dare tricks – where you put your ringtones

LG dare cell phone photos Generally, I’d like to drag my pictures to my LG dare phone via bitpim, if ringtones i would rather stick with the Sync with Windows Media Player, for it’s more fast than use the bitpim. So when you transfer some big files to your LG dare phone, bitpim is really slower. LG-Dare info

I trust my question is stupid, then where you put your ringtones on your LG dare? I drag ringtones into my LG dare/brew/mod/10889/ringtones folder via bitpim, could I transfer the ringtones onto my phones memory or sd card?LG Phone Problem and solution

Is there a way to change what it saves to? I tried add in some ringtones but got some error on my phone.

Recently I got the result, ringtones must be in LG dare/brew/mod/10889/ringtones and musics can put in a completely different folder. Ringtones must exist in memory if you want them worked.

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LG dare cell phone photos

LG dare cell phone photos LG dare cell phone photos

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  1. what? if u have it as a sound just send sound to urself via text an save as ringtine…………………….

  2. Where are my bluetooth tones&downloaded songs located so I can listen and set my ringtones from songs I got just cant find

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