LG Dare Tricks – Quicker deleting and Text sending

I’m sure all of you are aware (and sometimes annoyed) when waiting for your LG Dare to cycle through the little trashcan picture after deleting something; or the little "sending message" mailbox after sending a text. Well, if you want to bypass that part, there is a way to make it a little quicker. LG-Dare info

Lets say you delete something; like a picture, a calendar event, reset your alarm clock, or delete a text message, etc… After you hit "delete" and the little picture of the trashcan appears on your screen, just immediately click your SEND button and it will by-pass that little trashcan animation.

This pretty much works when deleting anything or sending text. However, when deleting or sending text, it takes a little longer for the LG dare phone to recognize that your pushing the SEND button. I can only assume this is so the phone completes sending the text. Other than that, its a good little trick. Just wanted to share =) 

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  1. I find that tapping the screen during the time the phone shows “sent message” or “erased” helps to cycle thru it as well.

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