LG Dare tips – useful text messages

LG Dare tips – useful text messages:

Banking ~~~~ beta.quickenmobile.com   ~~~ you can sign up for text messages of balances to your phone from quicken, they access your banks online banking to get your data, you can also get alerts of when your account drops below a certain amount, if more than a certain amount is spent, the balance on accounts and credit cards, and also get a text message every morning of your balance. LG-Dare info

Diet ~ if you text the name of the resturant and the item to DIET1(34381), the service will respond with the items calories, fat, carbs, and protein content

Directions ~ if you text starting and ending directions (123 Main St, New York to 456 Main St, New York) to GOOGLE(466453), the service will return the turn-by-turn directions in your phone.  You can also use names(Cheese Cake Factory, San Diego)

Other random info (scores, weather, stocks, flight info) – www.4info.com, sign up and then picka nd choose what u want.   I hope you find this useful and cool.

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