LG Dare tips – sync music

LG dare cell phone photos If you transfer your musics or ringtones to your LG dare phone via bitpim, i have to say it’s not a wise way, it’s not meaning the bitpim is useless but really slower. So i prefer to sync with window media player, it’s more quickly. Then the following i will tell you the details: LG-Dare info

1. Firstly make sure that a SD card already in your LG dare phone and the touch screen unlocked. 

2. Then connect your LG Dare phone with your PC via the USB cable. (confirm you have installed the LG Dare usb driver in your PC)

3. Choose to sync your music files using Windows Media Player.

4 .From the sync tab in Windows Media Player, click and drag the music file to the Sync list on the right side of the window.

5. Click the Start Sync button.

Then, it’s done, very easily but useful. Note: the music size will affect the quality of sound while playing in the phone.

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LG dare cell phone photos

LG dare cell phone photos

LG dare cell phone photos

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