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Yesterday a friend of mine recorded some new messages for me on my LG Dare but we couldn’t figure out how to set them as the ringtone for the alarm. The recorded messages show up in the My Sounds section but not in the ringtones when I go to edit the alarm settings. Is this possible to set them? What should I do for my LG dare? LG Phone Problem and solution

OK, here’s some advice form LG dare forum – the only way to do on your LG dare it is to text message the sound to yourself then set it as a ringtone from there(Take the recording and send it to yourself in a text message. Save the sound as a ringtone and then try to set it as an alarm), it should work then. LG-Dare info

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  1. you have to open a pic. message. then add the sound that you would like to have as a ringtone. then you send the message to your own number then open the options bar on the side. then scroll down to save the sound as a ringtone. then you can rename it and you are done

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