LG dare ringtones

I’m always making ringtones for my LG Dare cell phone, When I listen to music I occasionally ask myself, what part of this song would make a great ringtone?LG Cell phone Software

I have quite a few I have left over, I usually delete the file after I send it to my phone.
I’ll also gladly take any requests.

I would like to know if these ringtones fit to you and your LG Dare cell phone. These are my favorite ringrones I’ve made. So I hope you would like.

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LG Dare cell phone photos

LG Dare cell phone photos

LG Dare cell phone photos

LG Dare cell phone ringtones download:

  1. FightFireWithFire-Metallica.mid
  2. HereInYourArms-Hellogoodbye.mid
  3. LadiesandGentlemen-Saliva.mp3
  4. TheUnforgiven(Original)-Metallic.mp3
  5. PhantomPtII-Justice.mid
  6. MasterofPuppets-Metallica.mid
  7. Click Click Boom.mp3

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