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I got all these ringtones from one of my best friend and thought I might as well share them. These ringtones were made in the highest quality they can be so they don’t sound crappy on my LG Dare. All of these ringtones are between 20-35 seconds in length. LG-Dare info

My LG Dare Ringtones List:

1. Ringtone- Abstract Art  
    Band- Born Of Osiris
2. Ringtone- Faith Or Forgiveness  
    Band- The Ghost Inside
3. Ringtone- A Song For The Hopeless
    Band- All That Remains
4. Ringtone- Waking Up
    Band- 10 Years
5. Ringtone- The Darkest Nights
    Band- As I Lay Dying
6. Ringtone- Crippled And Broken
    Band- Kataklysm
7. Ringtone- Built For Sin
    Band- Framing Hanley
8. Ringtone- Vicarious
    Band- Tool
9. Ringtone- Cold
    Band- Crossfade
10. Ringtone- Regret Not
    Band- All That Remains
11. Ringtone- Like Light To The Flies
     Band- Trivium
12. Ringtone- Passion
     Band- All That Remains
13. Ringtone- Severed Hand
     Band- Pearl Jam
14. Ringtone- Don’t Stop Believin’
     Band- Journey

LG Dare Ringtones Download http://rapidshare.com/files/289247229/Band.zip

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