LG Dare Program – PC Suite III Download

LG PC Suite is a program for LG mobile phones (LG Dare) connecting to your computer. Once synchronized the two machines, users can upload / download pictures, photos, videos, and create backups of your contacts, calendar etc..  LG Cell Phone Software

LG PC Suite is a generic application, as it provides a connectivity solution for several different models of LG phones. As a result, not all phones work perfectly. LG-Dare info

LG PC Suite is available for the entire range of phones. However, subaplicaciones and their functions may differ depending on phone model.

LG Dare Program – PC Suite III Features: 

With this program you can:

  • LG phones synchronize with the computer
  • Manage personal data and multimedia
  • Make backup copies of text messages
  • Download or upload files via USB, Bluetooth or infrared
  • Make backups of important data
  • Phone Cleanup
  • Using cell phone as a webcam
  • Manage personal data
  • Download photos or videos
  • Custom LG phones
  • Explore phone content
  • Using the phone as a modem to connect to Internet
  • Import emails from Outlook

LG Dare Program – PC Suite III Download http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/LGPCSuiteIII_Setup_3.1.25

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