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So you want to get games for your LG Dare but you don’t want to dish out all that cash for verizons BREW applications. No problem, heres what you do. LG-Dare info
1) Go to this site and download the new test release of BitPim.
2) Connect your LG Dare to your computer via the usb cable it came with.
3) Run BitPim, go to edit, detect phone. It should automatically configure everything.
4) Go to view, view filesystem, click filesystem in the lefthand menu, and click the plus sign next to the folder. Give it some time to load.
5) Open “Flash”, then “UI”, and then “wallpaper”.
6) Find yourself any sort of .swf file and rename it wallpaperType1 or any number up to 7.

7) In bitpim right click the file you are replacing in the wallpaper folder and save it on your computer for back up.
8) Rightclick the file again in bitpim and click overwrite. Then find the .swf file you renamed earlier.
9) On your LG Dare got to the main menu, settings and tools, display settings, wallpaper, fun animations, and whatever one you replaced (skywall for wallpaperType1). Now you can play your flash game right from the main screen. It will not play sound and its a bit slow but it works. With the tic tak toe game its kinda hard to see and press easy or hard but just play around with it till you get it. This can also be done by replacing worldClockType1 in flash/ui/tools if you don’t want it on your main screen but by replacing the wallpapers you can get more games at once.
If anybody finds some games that work well with the LG Dare, post the links here.

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