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So far the LG dare newest software version is 06, the V06 updates fix a lot of problems that existed in prior versions(V03,V05). How to check the LG dare’s software version? From the home menu select Main Menu – Settings and Tools – Phone Info – SW/HW Version. The SWVersion line will tell you want version you have VX970V03, VX970V05, VX970V06. LG-Dare info

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You could get your LG dare updated at your local Verizon store. What you should know is that you can’t update your phone using the Software Update option under Phone Info. Good luck~~

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  1. One thing it fixed is that when you have nearly 1000 songs it will pick songs with higher numbers when set to shuffle. Before it would seem to pick anything between 1 & 200 and nothing above. It’s going all the way up into the 800+ range now picking from all songs not just the lower ones. Before I couldn’t get it to shuffle to a song titled with anything higher than a B .

  2. i hooked to my computer and rebooted the cellphone and overnight something happened. the next day it said “Service Required.” I tried factory restoration and even took to the local verizon store; they said “We can’t fix it,” I am trying to reverse the problem to analyze to see what happened?

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