LG Dare – Memory Card Lock code?

Today I sent my LG Dare for repairs and the memry card was kept but when I tried it on the fixed phone it said enter a 4 digit lock code. But I never set a code. LG Phone Problem and solution

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lg dare phone











I tried it in several other phones and the generic, 0000, 1111, 1234 and nothing. but still asks for the code, its got quite a lot of family photoes in it. At last I tried the four digits of My phone number, it worked. LG-Dare info

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24 thoughts on “LG Dare – Memory Card Lock code?”

  1. when i inserted the microsd card back into the phone even then those videos and images/photos are not getting opened …. its showing as formate is wrong …….. plz do help me to get those things back … can any body plzzzzzzzz

  2. To reset a locked password type ##77647269700 then call, it will take you to the service code. Type all zeros, then it will take you to service prg, tap it. Your esn # will show, hit ok, now your phone # will show, hit edit. type in new phone number and save, exit out and your new password is the last 4 digits of your new phone number.

  3. i am not able to get access in my memory card after fomate memory card with code:0000 ,but again and again asking the same ..pleas advice urgently

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