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Where can we download flash games for our LG dare cell phone, well if you are using mozilla firefox use this add on ‘addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3590’ or ‘albinoblacksheep.com’ and you need to install bitpim first which you can get from ‘bitpim.com’. LG Phone Problem and solution

Well, let’s put flash games on Your LG Dare cell phone! LG-Dare info

1. First you should connect your LG dare cell phone to your pc and then open your bitpim which you download from ‘bitpim.com’. When it asks for which phone, you should choose the VX9100 and wait just a moment, it should be fine. If you lost you LG dare usb drivers, you can find them here.

2. Click on ‘view’ -> ‘view file systems’, there should be a secondary window that has a icon that says  “/” click on it and wait, it should load a menu.

3. Turn to the blue folder tab -> click on the plus sign which labeled “flash” -> click on UI

4. Now you can choose which you want to replace. 6A is for replacing wallpapers and 6b is for replacing the tools.

It’s to be continued on next post!

Source: lg-dare.com/index.php/topic,1138.0.html

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