LG Dare – installing flash games Part2

Yesterday I’ve tell you where you can download the LG dare flash games and the bitpim software. May be what I said is not easily to understand, there is a helpful video you can get from youtube. LG Phone Problem and solution

6A. Click on wallpapers. You see the numbers on the LG dare phone, so the first one is the bubble and the last one is the one of the dogs, now click what you want to replace and save it in a file where you will not lose it (in case you want to use the wallpaper again).LG-Dare info

6B. Click on tools, and right click the one you want to replace and save it to a folder(in case you want the tool again).

7. Take the flash game to your LG dare phone and rename it (don’t forget to backed up). Make sure its named the exact same name that the app you want to replace is (minus the .swf) ( so if you are replpacing “wallpaperType1” rename the game to “wallpaperType1”, same with replacing the tools, if you want to replace the “worldclock” rename the game to “worldclock”)

8. Now drop your game to the area where the other wallpapers are…

Source: lg-dare.com/index.php/topic,1138.0.html

Thanks for: maltmaker

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