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Knowing that I purchased the LG Dare cell phone 70 days ago and recently I borrowed a G3 for testing.  LG Cell phone Reviews

Here are a few important functions that the LG Dare can do that the G3 cannot!

  1. LG Dare not only accepts meeting request from MS Exchange but you can create meeting request on the phone. If you are on the road like most of us in meetings all day! This means that you don’t have to worry about writing down the meeting info, going back to you office and getting onto your laptop to send out a meeting request to everyone. If you have a G3 I guess you can see if anyone in the meeting has a LG Dare and ask them to send out the meeting request!
  2. The G3 cannot send multimedia txt messaging, NO Audio, NO VIDEO, Just TXT!  The LG Dare can! I brought my teenage daughter and her friends to a Jonas Bro concert.  To show my wife & the guy next to me with a G3 and headphones  how kool I and the LG Dare were! I sent my wife a txt msg with a Pic of the stage and for real effect! I recorded an audio clip with 10,000 screaming teenage girls! Way kool
  3. The Dare has better camera with flash and many adjustments, the G3 bad picture and no flash!
  4. Navigation, LG Dare has very intuitive i.e. Hertz (never lost) type navigation with Voice turn by Turn, the G3 has way kool Google navigation which is great if you’re walking but is missing Turn by Turn Voice if you are trying to drive.

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LG dare cell phone photosLG dare cell phone photos

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