LG Dare – getting trouble during a call

I’ve to say, it’s really a trouble for all LG Dare users, when i make a call, my LG dare’s screen goes black soon and i can’t get it to light up by press every button, the screen will not come on until call is ended.  LG-Dare info

Here is a good method to get the trouble away:

  1. go to make a call type in ##program9700 and hit send
  2. hit 000000 when it asks for the service code
  3. go to field test
  4. go all the way down to proximity call and just space your finger appx 2 cm away and hit yes and hold it till it says test success then your good to go

LG Dare phone picutres LG Cell phone pictures

LG Dare


Hope it works for all people and now i have no problems at all. LG Phone Problem and solution

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