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This is the LG Dare theme – ‘Hot Fuzz’, if you liked the movie “Hot Fuzz”…then I suggest you deck out your LG Dare phone like I have . LG Cell phone Software
Wallpaper – MOVIE POSTER
Ringtone – Main Theme (Trimmed using WavePad) LG-Dare info
Text Alert – Simon Pegg saying “By the Power of Gray Skull”
Pic Alert – Nich Frost saying “By the Power of Gray Skull”
E-mail Alert – Simon Pegg saying “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About”
Does it get any better??? 

I have attached all of these files below for anyone’s pleasure.  FYI – Bitpim and USB Mass Storage were the best ways to transfer these files. I hope you will like the LG Dare theme – ‘Hot Fuzz’

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LG Dare themes download: LG Dare theme - 'Hot Fuzz'


Hot Fuzz – Main Theme RT.wav

Hot Fuzz – DB GraySkull.wav 

Hot Fuzz – SA GraySkull.wav

Hot Fuzz – Talking About RT.wav




LG Dare cell phone photos

LG Dare cell phone photosLG Dare cell phone photos

3 thoughts on “LG Dare free themes”

  1. i have this phone and it is a great touch screen and has alot of neat features. 5/5 great phone! i would suggest it to anyone who likes touch screens!

  2. I have this phone too and its a pretty good phone. I love the camera with 3.2mpx and the autozoom feature, its awesome! The only thing I dont like is that its a bit slow when it comes to accessing your inbox … I wish it was faster. Other than that, its a good phone. 4/5 final rating.

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