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I’ve shared some LG Dare ringtones in LG dare ringtones. I love my LG dare cell phone. Okay recently I made some more. I’ve got two from Disposable Heros from Metallica, and the song from the Cadillac commercial, LOL! I found it, it took awhile, but I did manage to find it. I hope you enjoy them. LG Cell phone Software

Also I made a Tutorial on making your own ringtones using Myxer and iTunes. I’m sure you can use a different software for cutting the length, but I just prefer iTunes.

Wants making your own ringtones? LG Dare – Making your own ringtones

LG Dare free ringtones download:

  1. DisposableHeroes-Metallica.mid
  2. DisposableHeroes-Metallica(2).mid
  3. FirehydrantFloods-BlackIris.mid
  4. gta IV russian.mp3
  5. gtaivrussian.mp3
  6. rickrosstheboss.mp3

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