LG Dare – Free games?

I have got LG dare cell phone for some time, I really want to play some good games in my LG dare cell phone, so I try to find the free dare games for a long time, but at last, I failed. LG Randomness

Just as far as I know, there is nowhere you can download the free dare games at all. I look for some well-known forum, but they just said: well, using bitpikm it is possible to copy files from ur phone and distribute them, so I’m hoping to get a collection of games from friends that way, which i’ll happily share here, and hopefully others will too. Just like that.

It’s may the best answer to me, maybe sometime I would find a real free lg dare phone games from forums, and I’ll share it to you, you, and you.

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LG dare cell phone photos

LG dare cell phone photos

28 thoughts on “LG Dare – Free games?”

  1. Big thanx to noonecare.

    Class ID is 0x0106FA9C

    Check folder brew/brewappmgr/config.txt

    Yes. *.sig file is the K.O.

    You have to find valid Testsig…
    Then rebuild MIF, because it is encrypted…

    Best Regards @3

  2. ok i am having a hard time following what to do to get this on ur phone the other comments are a great help but can som1 post a step by step instrucion? that would be helpful to alot of people, then we can start getting more files from ppls phones and get a larger game selection

  3. i also am using an lg versa its kinda stupid havin a new phone cuz theres no cool stuff to do wit it so i look at dare and voyager hacks on the internet and try em

  4. ok i got to the part where u hav to edit the category.1st file and i am using a hex edit is that right? and then when i edit it to have that it runs out of space and i cannot finish the edit. also mine already has a section with 40:then numbers,#######,##### should i just add another comma and put the numbers in or should i put the 40: also?

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