LG Dare firmware V05 update

Yesterday I stopped by the Verizon store and asked if they had an update for the LG Dare. I was surprised when they said yes. Left my LG Dare phone and the updated it to firmware V05.  Touch is a little better. I hear from others that the bluetooth voice clipping issue has been fixed (have not confirmed for myself). Song play order corrected. Banner is brighter.  Don’t have a list. Don’t know if anyone has a list of all of the fixed. Heard Visual Voice Mail is available now. LG Cell phone Software

Oh, and one more thing…people on other forums are reporting that they are going to their Verizon store and the techs there are saying there is no update available.  Seems that the firmware V05 update rollout was to selected regions of the country so if your local store says they don’t have the update you will have to keep checking back. I just happen to get lucky.  LG-Dare info

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