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LG Dare cell phone email problem? Yes It’s may be occur you or your friend. What’s the problem?

If you sucessfully set up your gmail email account onto LG Dare cell phone, and you can sucessfully check and read your emails, but LG Dare cell phone does not notify you in any way.

My help: Firestly in your email application account, click on the menu box bottom right, click on the down “arrow’ until you see “settings ” and click on settings, and then set your alert times. And then setting the sound in the email account of choice and using the little menu window, go to settings and touch (example) ‘ always alert ‘ then you hit save. After you finish with the settings, reboot (on and off) the LG Dare cell phone, this worked for me.
Then i sent another email and nothing, so i called verizon tech support to check on my settings, they wanted to me to reset my LG Dare cell phone, but i didn’t want to do that since they were using ” process of elimination ” to see what would work. What tech support and i agreed was it might be a system thing. I ask how often does the system update the in box of mobile email, they said maybe every 5-10 minutes, i said, i know the system retrieves email manually when you enter your email account, but when does it do it on its own, so i just now sent myself an email. i’ll see what happens.

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