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I’ve got LG dare cell phone for 2months, unluckily my laptop operating system was broken down yesterday, When I started to re-installed XP I can’t find my LG dare drivers cd, so it’s unavailable to download ringtones from my laptop. LG Cell phone Software

Fortunately I found the drivers form LG dare forum, thanks god, you save me again. So I decide to share it to you, if you lose the cd, sooner or later, just download it for preparation.

These are the drivers you need to install on your computer in order for it to see your phone.

LG Dare cell phone drivers download:

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38 thoughts on “LG Dare drivers download”

  1. i downloaded the driver but bitpim still cant recognize my phone, not sure what the problem is. says to make sure its NOT mass storage, not sure if it is or how to change it. just need to get linked up with bitpim anyyyone please help 🙁

  2. i got the lg dare from my dad withought the cd and downloaded the driver or something but when i connect the dare into the computer it still asks to find the driver any ideas on what i should do? much abliged if someone could help me 🙂

  3. I bought a new battery for my Dare and It still only lasts a day and a half at most before I have to charge it again. I do not text so it should last up tp 4 days like it used to. Can I clean some contacts or something like that?

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