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Q: Here’s my problem: I copied a bunch of music to my LG Dare. I have some folder issues but that’s another topic and I can live with it. But what’s really killng me is when I use Verizon Rhapsody to copy music to my LG Dare, it puts the songs on each album in alphabetical order and not in the track order on the CD.
When I view the song details the correct track is there but the song still stores on the phone alphabetically.
Normally, I wouldn’t mind but some albums just have to be in the same order as the CD.
So, how can I copy CD’s to my LG Dare in their original track order?

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A: You will have to rename them, using the album name followed by track number
that is only option availble in renaming instead. i would try making a playlist on the phone, choosing them in the orderyou want them, and see if they will play in the order of the play list. If it not works, You need to update your firmware. There are a ton of posts reporting that album order works fine with version.

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