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If you want to zoom in your LG Dare’s camera you have to take down the picture resolution, it must to be anything below 2048×1536 pixel, you can take it down by going into the cameras menu in the bottom left hand corner and choosing the first little square that appears at the bottom, then the volume up and down buttons can be used to zoom while using the LG Dare’s camera. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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We did a couple tests in a lab with a grid chart at distances between 5 and 30 feet. The zoom ratios were consistent being (5/1) at all distances. In other words, for every 5 feet you are from your subject… going to full zoom … will bring you subject in 1 foot closer. So… if you are 5 feet from your subject, you only need to move one foot closer to your subject to get the same picture than you would using zoom with the crappier resolution. If you are 25 feet away from your subject… you can zoom in and take a poor quality picture… or simply step 5 feet closer. LG-Dare info

NET: When you considering most pictures are relatively close/candid… (within a reasonable distance 50 feet or less)… you’re better off keeping the higher resolution and just stepping closer to your subject. The camera zoom only begins to become beneficial when the subject is a good distance off.. For example 1,000 feet away the zoom will bring the subject 200 feet closer. (although even then the benefit is negligible)

You’re better off shooting at the highest resolution (2048×1536) then use the cameras crop function to crop the image down to what you want…. rather than trying to zoom in and get the same results. Personally…  I’d rather move a couple feet closer and keep the higher quality/resolution photo.

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