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Now I have a problem with my LG dare cell phone. When I set my homepage to google after about an hour my LG dare cell phone won’t connect to the internet it just keeps restarting itself and the only way I have found to fix it is to restore my LG dare cell phone default settings is this happening to anyone else? LG Phone Problem and solution

There’s a risky method which I found in LG dare forum:

Note* do this at your own risk!!!
1. press the call button
2. dial ##77647269700
3. press call
A screen should pop up asking for a service code
4. press 000000 (zero 6 times)
5. press WAP Setting
6. then press homepage
When you enter your homepage enter it in the following format:
http://www.   .com
       your website here
That should do it hope this helps

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