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1.  Fire up BitPim (ver 1.0.6 (Official)) is the latest and greatest and recognizes the LG Dare.
2.  Using the data cable connect LG Dare to USB port
3.  Click the find phone button (Phone with a magnifying glass)
4.  Look on bottom to see that it has found your LG Dare.  It will give you an option to “name” your LG Dare (optional)
5.  On left panel click “filesystem”
6.  On the middle pane that opens up click the folder to open the file structure
7.  Open the folder “brew”
8.  Open the sub-folder “mod”
9.  Open the sub-folder “10889”
10.  Open the sub-folder “ringtones”

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LG Dare cell phone














You are now ready to open up in Explorer the folder containing your ringtones
You can either drag and drop individually or “select all” to do this in one operation.
Drag and drop your ringtones into brew/mod/10889/ringtones (the right panel is the the open “ringtones” folder.
When done right click in the pane and chose reboot
You can then exit BitPim and disconnect your LG Dare.
You can also do a manual re-boot by the way.
Yes your phone might say music or data but you can disregard this when using BitPim as that is for when using drag and drop with USB Mass Storage.
You are not syncing music or data to the phone as you would be doing if you were adding songs to “mymusic”.
Do not, do not get lost and Delete anything unless you are absolutely sure of what you are deleting.  BitPim is easy but unforgiving.  Before you begin adding anything to the folders you might be wise to backup the entire tree (on that orginal center pane folder right click and select “backup entire tree”.  That way if you foul up you can hopefully recover.  The LG Dare is goodlooking but as a brick it is expensive.
If you want you can also add Wallpapers (240 x 400) jpg/gif into folder 10888.
Hope this helps.
I have added a couple of hundred ringtones and wallpapers using BitPim
To keep it straight which I have already added to the phone I have folders Dare1, Dare2, Dare3 etc, as I find new tones and papers.  I double check files to make sure I am not duplicating a paper or tone. 
My only regret is you can’t get rid of the garbage that comes on the phone.  Sigh.  I hate that they eat my phones memory with those piss poor tones and images, although some of the images are important as they are used by the phone.  Still garbage, though.

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LG Dare cell phone pictures

LG Dare cell phone


tyler on 8 October, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

hey i uploaded the ringtone and did all the steps but when i look in my ringtone folder their is only the oringonal ringtones and the ringtone isnt anywhere please respond 🙂 thnx

alex on 1 February, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

thanks for sharing.

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