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I’ve got a LG CU720 shine and I don’t know how to add things such as ringtones to my phone. I have been able to send ringtonesto my LG CU720 shine but how do I make them my ringtones?  It doesnt show in my audio or pic category just my inbox? LG Phone Problem and solution

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Here’s what you do to make a ringtone – you can not use a full mp3 song as a ringtone:

1. Use any wave editor you wish to edit the song. Select 20 seconds of the song and save it. LG-Shine info
2. Transfer the song to your LG CU720 shine. Do not save the song in the music folder the lg shine creates ( micro sd users ). Either  save it to the phone or create a ring tone folder on your micro sd, or just save it on the micro sd (no folder at all).
3. On the LG CU720 shine select menu/my stuff/audio & ringtones. Highlight the ringtone you made and choose options then set as.

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  1. It worked right up until the “set as” part, it wouldn’t give me that option even though it was under my “ringtones” folder!
    Please advise.

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