LG Cosmos Phone Review

We’ve see many reviews of the LG Cosmos but none of them is actual yet. Today I have an opportunity to play with the LG Cosmos for a few minutes at a Verizon store. My first impression of the LG Cosmos was that the build quality is not bad. The screen really a little small. The software was plain vanilla VZ, nothing at all to write home about.

Comparing it to my LG Env3, which WAS what we were all going to get pre-data mandate, there is NO comparison. Even ignoring software, the Env3 blows it away – better cam, better kb, better display. LG Cell Phone Reviews

I do think VZ really screwed the pooch on eliminating the MP3 player. It would have added NO complexity (buried in a menu) for "simple users", and would have added the "slam dunk" factor for those who are disgruntled about not being able to get the Env, etc anymore.

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