LG Cookie tricks – modifying Camera shuttersound

Here’s the tutorial to teach you how to modify the camera shuttersound on your LG Cookie.   LG Phone Problem and solution

You need to know how to send a CUST partition to the LG Cookie:

Turn off your phone. Install all drivers.  LG-Cookie info
Copy your (modified) CUST partition on the C:\ with the name CUST_Modified (without extension!)
Open KP500-Utils-En. Option “C”, then “\\.\USB1”, then “C:\KP500.flb” (sec-pack file, same of unlocking ) and then “C:\CUST_Modified”.

If all is right, the program send it to your LG Cookie.

Modify the camera shuttersound on your LG Cookie:

For the Shuttersound, go with WinImage into LGAPP\Media\EventSounds. Copy/paste files “0* Shutter Sound 0*.mp3”, “Multi-Shutter Sound *.mp3”, “Low Battery.mp3” and “Low Battery-Louder.mp3” on your Desktop.

Open them with Audacity. You see a sort of “line” blue. It’s the sound. Select all, and Cut. Save your empty sound on your desktop with the original name on your desktop instead of the original. Then deplace your empty sound on your CUST partition through WinImage. Erase before the original sounds.

Then save your partition. It’s done, enjoy!

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  1. I have problems with saving the modified CUST partition… WinImage has problems with saving file, as I choose to save it without extension, press Save but the file does not appear!!

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