LG Cookie trick – changing font

To get your custom partition (Extract Custom Files), open the folder LGAPP\Media\Font with WinImage, you can see two files "LG_GothicSB_S_V1.03_0109.ttf" and "LG_Script_S_V1.00_0902.ttf". Move them to your desktop. KEEP WINIMAGE OPEN. The first is the font which is used now by your Cookie, the second is the font of the KS360.  LG Phone Problem and solution

If you want the KS360’s font in your Cookie, rename the file "LG_Script_S_V1.00_0902.ttf" into "LG_GothicSB_S_V1.03_0109.ttf", and rename "LG_GothicSB_S_V1.03_0109.ttf" into "LG_Script_S_V1.00_0902.ttf". If you want a new font (Calibri), rename it into "LG_GothicSB_S_V1.03_0109.ttf". Put it into the folder LGAPP\Meda\Font through WinImage to replace the old one. Save and send it to your phone with KP500-Utils-En.  LG-Cookie info

How to send a custom partition to the Cookie?

Turn off your phone. Install all drivers.
Copy your (modified) CUST partition on the C:\ with the name CUST_Modified (without extension!)

Open KP500-Utils-En. Option "C", then "\\.\USB1", then "C:\KP500.flb" (sec-pack file, same of unlocking ) and then "C:\CUST_Modified". If all is right, the program send it to your phone.

Credit art903  thanks for his great work

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3 thoughts on “LG Cookie trick – changing font”

  1. I would like to change the font so that it supports the unicode. Is this possible with LG KP 500 Cookie?
    I am not able to understand the above trick. Do I also need to download / install the WinImage?
    How can I see the current fonts installed in LG KP 500 Cookie.
    I can open them either connecting as a mass USB storage or with a PC Suite mode.

    Please help me.


  2. this is none sense…unless you gave us a site where we can download the KP500.flb and everything for free…

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