LG Cookie Software – Flazheus Swf Player Download

The LG Cookie software – Flazheus Swf Player allows you to play swf games on your LG Cookie. The latest version is 1.0.36, updated by Thorzeus94. Thanks for his great work! LG Cell Phone Software

To LG Cookie software – Flazheus Swf Player:

How to install .swf games in flazheus player Step by Step: LG-Cookie info

  1. Install flazheus player.
  2. Download a .swf game or file.
  3. Copy and paste it into "Files" In the flazheus player folder.
  4. Open up "List.xml" Inside the flazheus player folder, using Notepad.
  5. Copy and paste this into it "<List Label="Coordinates" Icon="" File="Coordinates.swf"/>"
  6. Where it say’s "<List Label="Coordinates" Change the "coordinates" Bit to the name you want your game to be on the menu.
  7. Where it say’s "File="Coordinates.swf" Change the "coordinates.swf" into the NAME of your file which you just copied and pasted into the "Files"
  8. Unplug your phone and enjoy your swf game!

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