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Does the LG Cookie have multitouch feature? We are not sure about until we found out this thread on LG Cookie forum. LG Cell Phone Software

Credit to sytze. Following is his job about the multitouch feature of the LG Cookie. Hope it would be helpful. Good luck! LG-Cookie info

I have been bussy with "developing" multitouch on the Cookie. Since there seemed to be a possibility.

A simple proof is: Hold a widget, then tap with another finger somewhere else on the screen, and you’il see the widget move to a spot between both fingers.

Using this information I’ve created this simple app to show multitouch games/apps are possible on the Cookie. The way to calculate the real coordinates instead of the center is sadly enough not very accurate. But who cares, it’s MULTITOUCH.

This also can be the basics of a guitar hero app. I might try to create a guitar hero like application.

Anyhow I attached the file. Give it a try and report the bugs you discover.

Update: Some bugs have been removed, but only one bug left can’t been taken away.  
(Tap the middle, then tap the right. Then tap on the first one, with your first finger)
Also attached the new version.

LG Cookie MultiTouch App Download:

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GG on 10 March, 2013 at 11:05 am #

lg gs my 290 when I play any game shows some signs down – how can I remove those games from there or they are from their own or phone version of the game

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