LG Cookie MTOY Games Download

The M-Toy works well on my LG Cookie with motion sensor, but something like “axes" are not so good, hope a someone can modify it. LG Cell Phone Games

To download the M-Toy here where you can find SWF files

How to install M-TOY on LG Cookie?

  1. Open you cust with winimage
  2. Go to lgapp\dmf\game
  3. Extract archive
  4. Paste all files into "lgapp\dmf\game"
  5. If winimage ask you to paste "roulette.swf" even if there is already an "roulette.swf" you click on "ALL" or "YES" ^^
  6. Send you cust in your phone with "KP500 LGUI "

In my experience, M-Toy works great on LG Arena as well, hope it helps. LG-Cookie info

LG Cookie KP500 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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  1. Olha só lek, eu to aqui no alemao e ta tejndo tiroteio e voce me manda baixar uma porcaria dessa ? aaah, vai (piii)!!

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