LG Cookie KP500 Landscape Keylock

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Here is the Landscape Keylock for LG Cookie KP500, the latest version is v1.3 and I update it now. LG-Cookie info

What’s fixed in Version 1.3

  • work a bit faster
  • new design
  • battery icon
  • network bar
  • new messages and so
  • a few bugs fixed

To download the Landscape Keylock for LG Cookie KP500:

LG Cookie Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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8 thoughts on “LG Cookie KP500 Landscape Keylock”

  1. Hi…sorry but how do you install swf files on lg cookie(i have kp501 but its the same)???pls because i want this landscape keylock.thx

  2. Hi there, fellas Im in desperete need of ….never ever heard of USIM UNLOCK CODE for my sad an worthless,,lg cookie ppplease wont someone beeee my night in shinning armma ,,kooka:)

  3. for time being . with no sim switch phone off plug in charger then when you see battery charging light up on front of phone place any chip on eny network without taking battery off and switch on .

  4. I just bought LG KP500. The touch screen keeps locking on its own when I am in a call. I turned the auto key lock to off and still doing it. Any solution to this problem? I appreciate it bcause if there is no solution I think I can return the phone

  5. omg:D
    it`s easy..
    download idle keylock flash loader.. its a dmf file and u need to put it in CUST_Theme. open ur CUST with winimage and go to lgapp/dmf/ there u will find original idle keylock.dmf file. delete it and put in downloaded idle keylock.dmf ..
    when its all done put this keylock swf file in phone memory/flash contents/ thats all..:)

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