LG Cookie HTC HD2 Theme Download

LG Cookie HTC HD2 Theme UPDATE 1.4
All features made from beginning to now, lets start from the top of widget:
-HTC-like clock with weather preview. To get weather for next 7 days visit http://weather.joeearl.co.uk/. It will find even smallest villages ;P (Its totally free!)
-On the center of hours and minutes i made hidden button to flash content directory for easy flash theme changing.  LG-Cookie info
-Next is slide bar. You cant click on the icon and drag. Because of that, i made bigger slide area. For example click and slide your finger on clock and it will slide as well.
-Below you can find soft bar. It has five other screens. Everyone contains different things (1st – widget, 2nd – contacts, 3rd – messaging, 4th – flash games! and the 5th one – fast browser acces)  LG Cell Phone Software
-Return once again to 4th screen from soft bar, flash games. I made there 9 buttons leading to flash game. Shame that u cant change name of button, it will be only "Flash 1", "Flash 2" etc. "Flash 1" button leads to Games/1.swf so if u for example want to assign game to "Flash 6" button, rename game to 6.swf and paste it to Games folder in Flash Contents.
-Phone wallpaper support.
-Added clean look. If u are for example in messaging screen and you will click it again – everything except soft bar and wallpaper will dissapear.
-Keylock with missed calls and messages.
-Final version is with weather on the clock.

-If weather is sunny, its without image of sun – its fault of original creator of HTC Clock not mine
-Slide bar is little hard to slide ;P
Few notes:
-It wont work in DMF Version.
-If you will delete weather.txt, clock will become crazy
Pack includes:
-Widget(with submenus)

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LG Cookie HTC HD2 Theme UPDATE 1.5
-Some graphic changes
-Removed 3 left icons from slide bar to improve smooth
-Added topmenu (working in dmf version)
Pack includes:
-Widget(with submenus)

-Same as v1.4
-Same as slide bar i cant figure out how to improve slide
Few notes:
-Quality on screens sucks. Try it on phone:)

LG Cookie HTC HD2 Theme Update v1.51
-New table (where calendar, mp3 etc are) because the old one was ugly
Proudly presenting: Update v1.6
-Everything is now in ONE file. This means you can use it in dmf version.
-Music player screen except of flash player
-Flash player is also included (exchange of places with music player)

LG Cookie HTC HD2 Theme Update v1.61
-Return to block under the clock from v1.5.
-Eliminated slide bar (now press on the top of icons and .. surprise )
-Some graphic changes

LG Cookie HTC HD2 Theme Update v1.62 [Final Version]
-Don’t tell me anymore about dmf version because its pissing me off… everything is not working.
-Please don’t ask me to do anything else on the theme. Its deffinitly final version.
-Put weather.txt with idle_widget.swf file.
I recommend to use it with Black Prada theme. It completes each other

LG Cookie HTC HD2 Theme Download

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