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I use TrekBuddy (http://linuxtechs.net/kruch/tb/forum/index.php).

At first I downloaded unsigned jar so every time application asked me to allow file connection, but now I downloaded from official site (listed above) signed version, and now works great.  LG-Cookie info

You can easily create maps yourself from Google, Yahoo, VirtualEarth and Openstreetmaps using TBmapper (also available on site listed above).

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Searching streets or cities is not by default supported by application, but you can use waypoints which works great. You just select waypoints and from list select which city or street you want, and tap on navigate to. LG Cell phone Software

Since LG Cookie does not have GPS, you can not use TrekBuddy GPS features, but you can use TrekBuddy without GPS features. Enjoy!

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  1. it also doesnt work with an external gps receiver.. cause the java on the cookie does not support bluetooth..

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