LG Cookie Fresh GS290 Spotted

The LG Cookie Fresh GS290 was spotted during the CeBIT in the German Hannover, here’s a leaked shot of what could possibly be it in an unnamed photograph.

The LG Cookie Fresh GS290 is a entry-level phone of the LG Cookie. The LG Cookie Fresh GS290 supports GSM/EDGE connectivity, features include a 3” QVGA touch screen display, a 2-megapixel camera, stereo FM radio, MP3 player, social networking integration,3.5mm headset jack. LG Cell Phone Previews

As for which carrier will get the LG Cookie Fresh GS290, or indeed which countries it will launch in, there’s no word. LG Cell Phone News

LG Cookie Fresh GS290 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

LG-Cookie-Fresh-GS290-3 LG-Cookie-Fresh-GS290-2


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3 thoughts on “LG Cookie Fresh GS290 Spotted”

  1. though i havent used one but my aunt had , she is extremely satisfied with quality and design and performance .Looking forward to grab one.

  2. I just bought one and I must say that I am very satisfied with every aspect of the phone, design,performance,quality and many others

  3. this fone is a piece of shit, it wont read sd cards, widgets wont close, the pc software crashes frequently. avoid this pile of crap at all costs. wasted 130 bucks on it….

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