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What you need before flash: LG-Cookie info

LG Cookie Latest Firmware software Download

(Note this is .cab file, so use use .cab instead .kdz where ever .kdz is mentioned.)

Extract the rar(zip) file downloaded from link 3 (above) to Drive C:\ . So that you Have following files in Drive C as shown.

Installing required softwares:

Install LG PC Suit III (also let it install usb modem). Go to C:\USB_Driver and flash driver and install LG USB Modem driver followed by  FlashUsb driver install (included in the folder…run setup file.)

Install B2CAppSetup [downloaded in (1)].(It will create lg mobile suppot tool in All programs of startmenu.

Procedure to update LG Cookie firmware:

(1) Switch auto key lock ‘Off’ (Phone settings), Put Usb connection mode: ‘Always ask’ (phone Menu\Settings\Connectivity\usb connecion mode)

(2) Switch off Cookie, take out the sim & Memory card. Connect it to Computer(with or without battery, I used with battery) using Usb cable (keeping phone switched off). Computer will automatically Install Flash loader utility.

(3) Disconnect the phone. Switch it on. Press middle multitasking button, On tab ‘Running apps.’ press “end all” to end all running apps of phone.

(4) Run PC Suit and Connect the phone, select PC suit on phone popup. Pc will install automatically divers. Establish the connection between phone & PC in Usb mode. Backup your phone data (using PC Suit) for data security, Though The contacts, Memo and other data remain intact after firmware upgarde, but safety is a must. Don’t disconnect phone.

(5) Run LG Mobile Update- can be found in windows startmenu\all programs\lg mobile suppot tool. (Note B2capp requires internet connection for starting.)- Enter country and language in last tab. keep both files running. Check PC suit’s main menu displays Phone is connected.  (If disconnected, Remove usb cable for few seconds, Connect again, Establish connecion between pc and phone.)

(6) GO to C:\LG Utils & run “KP500_Utils EN”. Select Option: i <press enter>, KP500  <enter>, C:\V10Y_00.kdz   <enter>, V10Y_00   <enter> .

The Upgrading will start. wait for 10-20 mins and if lucky you will be done on the first go. But Sometimes though every thing correct, the communication with the phone can not be established. In such a case plug out the usb cable then plug in again, select pc suit on phone, wait few seconds till PC recognises drivers. Repeat the procedure few times.
Even then If its not working then plug out usb cable, install the usb and flash driver again, switch off phone and connect it to pc as performed earlier. switch on the phone and repeat as earlier.(see from “Step 2” above)

I had to redo it not less than 10 times before success. Hope it helps!

Credit: ankur19852005

Via: http://www.mylgcookie.com

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Swapnaja on 18 March, 2010 at 4:28 am #

Can this Firmware be used for India…
Which is the Latest firmware for India..

Onsi on 12 April, 2010 at 2:33 am #

good job
but when i am in last stage (Update)
the loading was stop in 4% and gave me a strange message
plz look this cupture:

what is the solution of this error ??

Rowel B. Agustin on 14 December, 2010 at 5:11 am #

Hi.. after restoring my LG GM730 from a backup, i cannot unlock it anymore, i cant use it right now, my unlock code does not work anymore, help me please. thanks in advance . hope to hear from you guys soon.

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