LG Connect 4G Emergency Download Mode

Emergency Download Mode allows you to connect your LG Connect 4G to your computer and use flashing tools (e.g. LGDMP) to restore or unbrick your phone.

How to access LG Connect 4G Emergency Download Mode Steps:

  1. Turn off the LG Connect 4G
  2. Remove the battery from the phone
  3. Holding both volume up and down buttons and connect your phone to PC using the USB cable
  4. It will say download in progress don’t disconnect
  5. Use the LG updater tool to recover or update the phone unlike normal situation lg updater tool will always see the phone as the factory version allowing us to restore easily.

LG updater tool Download:

Caution: Remember to backup your files before flashing. This will erase all of your personal data.

LG Connect 4G Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures

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