LG confirms 12 megapixel device

LG has confirmed that they are planning to release a 12 megapixel camera phone and launch it before Christmas. According to MobileChoice.com, the LG’s 12 megapixel device should be with us within the next six months, although no word on the specific date, we will be watching this one for you.  LG Cell phone news

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2 thoughts on “LG confirms 12 megapixel device”

  1. I could care less about 12mpxl on my phone. Heck I don’t even want 12 mpxl on my stand alone camera. I just want solid low light non blurry pictures of at least 5mpxl.

  2. Does any1 kno how to get the 3D s class user interface on th LG Renoir or is it not possible? thank you

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