LG Chocolate Touch Video Converter Software Download

The LG Chocolate Touch – Need4 3gp converter seems to do a great job. The instructions are: LG Cell Phone Software

1. start the converter, browse to your video of choice on the top right
2. choose the "optimal quality (*.3g2)" profile setting on the right drop down menu.
3. click settings right below that menu, a window will pop up.
4. change video format to mpeg4, size to 320×240 qvga, frame rate to either 23.976 or 29.994 fps depending on your source (choose the one that closely fits either of those two, everything else just leave alone.  LG-Chocolate Touch info
5. click ok and hit the convert button on the main screen, bottom right hand corner. Wait for it to convert for a few minutes and upload onto the internal or card "my_flix" folder. It should now appear under your videos folder in your phone.

To download the LG Chocolate Touch Video Converter Software

LG Chocolate Touch Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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7 thoughts on “LG Chocolate Touch Video Converter Software Download”

  1. LG mobile phone is like a chocolate. It is shiny and pretty thin, at just under a half an inch. Sound quality is also good and the Chocolate Touch has a 3.2-megapixel camera. So i think I am going to get an lg chocolate touch sometime this week!

  2. dear people don’t take this mobile(LG bl40) No.1 cheating case. note support software parts & extras not available open market bad service, average category phone.just look only

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