LG Chocolate Touch User Guide/Manual

This user guide / manual provides important information on the use and operation of your LG Chocolate Touch. LG Cell Phone Software

The Verizon LG Chocolate Touch is really a great phone, it operates on both Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) frequencies: cellular services at 800 MHz and Personal Communication Services (PCS) at 1.9 GHz. The touchscreen is really good. The browser is also good and is fast. Here we share the quick download link of the user guide / manual for you.  LG-Chocolate Touch info

To download the LG Chocolate Touch user guide / manual in English:

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33 thoughts on “LG Chocolate Touch User Guide/Manual”

  1. Why when I dial my cell phone from my home phone, my cell doesn’t ring but shows incoming phone number for 2 seconds and shuts off. Home phone rings twice and hangs up automatically.

  2. I am attempting to set up my LG Chocolate for group texting. I can send a group text but responses come back under individual contacts. what do I need to do so the responses are on one thread/string of messages and not under invividual names? Is it possible with this phone?

  3. I just got a used chocolate touch cell phone and don’t see the power button then she tells me it don’t come on till its charged then im gonna really not know how to use this I have a Samsung but the phone and battery both have water damage

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