LG Chocolate Touch Tip – How to Set default Number in Favorites

Does every body know how to set default number in favorites on LG Chocolate Touch? If you add a contact to Favorites that has 2 or more phone numbers, then you may not seem to set the default number to call. It always calls the cell number it seems.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

To fix it:

If you have the # already typed in “pick” the number – the numeric pad will pop up.
Then in the upper right corner of the screen there is a little “list” looking icon.
press that – pick the option “Set As Default” and that will fix your problem.
Then when you dial from “My Favorites” it will dial the default number. LG-Chocolate Touch info 

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6 thoughts on “LG Chocolate Touch Tip – How to Set default Number in Favorites”

  1. My favorites screen seems to be messed up. There is a blank favorite in there that I can not erase. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

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