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Q: I just got my LG Chocolate Touch, and I am wondering how do i set a mp3 music as a ringtone?? LG Phone Problem and Solution

A: First you need to cut a 30 second selection out of a song to use…ringtones are limited to 30 seconds max (after 30 seconds, it goes to voicemail). LG-Chocolate Touch info
Step 1. get microsd card
Step 2. download Audacity and Lame for Audacity
Step 3. Take off the battery cover…the microsd slot  is near the camera lens. I assume that you bought this card…formatting it will erase anything already on it. Once the card is in, you need to format it. Go to Settings, Memory, Card Memory. Once there, you will see a button at the bottom of the screen that says "Format." Go ahead and tap it. This creates the folders on the card that you need for ringtones, pics, music, etc.

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