LG Chocolate Touch Driver Download

If you want to connect your LG Chocolate Touch to your PC and transfer music, pictures and wallpaper through Verizon Rhapsody, please download and install the driver first! LG-Chocolate Touch info

  1. Make sure your LG Chocolate Touch is on Music Sync mode (settings>usb auto detection>Media Sync Mode
  2. Download Vcast Rhapsody here: http://vcastmusic.rhapsody.com/
  3. Install the program and plug in your LG Chocolate Touch.
  4. Once the phone has been detected by your pc and all drivers installed for it, open up Vcast Rhapsody.
  5. Import any music/pictures you have by dragging it into the Rhapsody “My Library”.
  6. Drag and drop any music/pictures you have into your LG Chocolate Touch, which should have appeared right below “Burn a CD”. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Chocolate Touch Driver Download

LG Chocolate Touch phone photos – LG Cell phone pictures



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15 thoughts on “LG Chocolate Touch Driver Download”

  1. HEY People. Verizon screws us all by 1. locking out direct connection via usb and 2. forcing you to use Rhapsody which of course has a monthly fee to use it even if all you want is to get your pics onto your PC.. Use BitPim and a USB cable and that’s all you need. It is slow because each pic must be selected and saved but it does work.

  2. Some advice for everyone that can’t get this to work.

    I simply went into the internal phone memory (from the settings menu) and selected “Move All To Card”. Then of course I just used the card to transfer everything to my PC via a card reader.

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