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LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to export contacts from your phone to Outlook using Bitpim

In Bitpim  LG-Chocolate info
File—> Export—> CSV Contacts—> All(# of contacts)—> OK

In Outlook  LG Phone Problem and Solution
File—> Import and Export—> Import from another program or file—> Nextà—>Comma Separated Values (Windows)*—> Next —> browse—> select bitpim.csv file—> Next—> Highlight “contacts” and click Next—> Check the “import bitpim.csv into folder: contacts” box. 

When you do this a window will pop up which allows you to map custom fields. This is the tricky part. On the Left you have the Bitpim file and on the right you cave the Outlook file. To align everything properly, you need to drag the correct value from the bitpim.csv file and drop it into the correct field in Outlook. Here are some helpful hints but it all depends on what data you have in your phone.

When you are done mapping your contacts into the correct fields, click OK to go pack to the main window where you click finish to complete the import.

*Note: If the CSV (window) format doesn’t work completely, follow the same process with the CSV (DOS) format and it should work fine.

LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to create a playlist

  1. With the slide open and the touch keypad unlocked, press the OK key to enter the main menu.
  2. With My Music already highlighted, press OK again.
  3. Press the number 2 on the keypad so select Playlists.
  4. Tap the Left Soft Key under Create.
  5. Use the alphanumeric keypad to type the name of your new playlist, then press OK.
  6. Tap the Right Soft Key under Options.
  7. Press the number 4 to select Add Songs to Playlist.
  8. Press OK to select the highlighted song.
  9. Scroll down and press OK once more.
  10. When you are finished, tap the Left Soft Key under Done.

LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to create ringtones from mp3 files using Bitpim

  1. Use any mp3 conversion software to convert your songs to mp3 format.
  2. In Bitpim, open the Ringers page and click the Add New Ringer icon on the tool bar.
  3. When the Choose Files box appears, select the file where you have your mp3’s stored. Note: If the song you are selecting still has the folder icon and not the musical note icon next to it, it still needs no be converted to MP3 format.
  4. With the Convert Audio File box shows up in Bitpim, change the Sample Rate to 32000, the Channels to Stereo (2), and the Bit Rate to 64. Then press Convert.
  5. When you can, press Play Clip to hear the song.
  6. Select a 25 – 30 second clip using the pink and red markers.
  7. Preview the ringtone by clicking Play Clip and readjust the markers if needed.
  8. Click OK to create the ringtone. Note: Bitpim will automatically add the ringtone to your Ringers page.
  9. To send the new ringtone to your phone, click Send Phone Data, click
    ringtones, and click OK.

LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to convert videos (using Xilisoft) and transfer them to your phone for viewing  

Conversion Process

  1. Start by connecting your microSD card to the computer using whatever adaptor you have available.
  2. Click on any video file and drag it into the Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter screen.
  3. Select your video settings, making sure the codec corresponds with the codec used by your phone. Note: Bigger Video Sizes and higher bitrates will affect the quality of video and amount of memory your phone will need to play it. These settings are up to you to customize if wanted but a good video size for a phone is 320×240 with a bitrate of 120. 
  4. Customize the audio settings. Note: The audio codec needs to be changed to mpeg4aac. If desired, you can raise the bitrate to 48 and the sample rate to 1600.
  5. In the destination box, select the My Flix folder on the microSD card.
  6. Click Encode near the top of the box
  7. Once encoding is done, open Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter Wizard and click Next.
  8. Click Load to highlight and select the encoded video and click Next again.
  9. Click default to set the beginning and end as the start and end points and click Next twice.
  10. Click on the brows icon and select the My Flix folder inside the microSD card and click Next
  11. Click Encode followed by Close.
  12. Finally, agree to quit to finish.  

Transferring to Phone

  1. Once the video is stored on the microSD card, safely remove the hardware (adapter) to which it is connected.
  2. Take the card out of the adapter and place it into the microSD card reader on your phone.
  3. To view the video, press left navigation key to enter the Picture and Video menu.
  4. Highlight My videos and press OK.
  5. Select the film icon with the microSD card symbol and press OK to View.

LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to sync music with PC

  1. Insert a microSD card into your phone and connect a USB cable both to the phone and your PC.
  2. Press the OK key to enter the Main Menu.
  3. With My Music already highlighted, press OK.
  4. Tap the Right Soft Key under Sync.
  5. On your computer, Click OK to sync media files.
  6. From the sync tab in Windows Media Player, click and drag an album to the Sync List on the right side of the window.
  7. Click the Start Sync button.
  8. When finished, press the End key on the phone.

LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to sync contacts from Microsoft Outlook to your phone using Bitpim

  1. With the enV detected in Bitpim, follow the subsequent steps: File> Import> Outlook Contacts
  2. When the Microsoft Office Outlook alert box pops up, allow access to your stored e-mail addresses in Outlook by clicking the Allow access for… check box and then click Yes.
  3. When the Import Outlook Contacts box appears with a listing of the stored contacts in Outlook, click Merge at the bottom of the page. (File> Import> Outlook Contacts> Allow Access For…> Yes> Merge)

LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to pair with a  Bluetooth device

  1. Press OK to enter the Main Menu.
  2. Scroll to select Settings and Tools and press OK.
  3. Press the number 3 to select Bluetooth Menu.
  4. With Add New Device already highlighted, press the OK Key.
  5. Press OK once more to turn on Bluetooth.
  6. Press OK to begin searching for Bluetooth devices.
  7. With the desired device highlighted, press OK to begin the pairing process.
  8. Enter 0-0-0-0 as the passcode the press OK.
  9. Press OK to connect with the device.

LG Chocolate 3 Tips and Tricks: How to send a name card via Blutooth

  1. Tap the Right Soft Key under Contacts.
  2. Scroll down to select a contact, and then press the Right Soft Key under Options.
  3. Scroll up to select Send Name Card. Then Press the OK key.
  4. Press the number 2 on the keypad to select Via Bluetooth.
  5. With a contact already selected, tap the Left Soft Keu under Done.
  6. Scroll to select the device to which you wish to send the name card and press OK.

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