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Name:       PAC-MAN by Namco

Category:   Classic Games

Publisher:    Namco Networks America Inc.

Current Rating:    4 

LG Chocolate 3 game – PAC-MAN by Namco pictures

PAC-MAN by Namco













LG Chocolate 3 game – PAC-MAN by Namco Description:
A true gaming icon, who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent munching away pac-dots and power-pills while avoiding those pesky ghosts. Fans of this arcade classic can now re-live their youthful experience by playing this wireless version. Optimized for wireless handsets, it delivers all of the same joy and excitement of the original in the best way possible. Varying degrees of difficulty are also accessible to allow for various skill levels.  LG Cell phone games

LG Chocolate 3 game – PAC-MAN by Namco Download link: PAC-MAN by Namco

I love it, I still play it to this day for like 3 years lol worth the buy.

Note : I didn’t realize at first you have to buy this game from Verizon but you can find flash versions of it and put them on your phone for free, but the hack isn’t the vzw version though because it would be illegal to spread their games around without paying for them. LG Cell phone Software

It works with LG Chocolate 3 and may work with other LG phones(LG Dare, LG Decoy, LG enV VX9900, LG Voyager and so on).

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[…] LG Chocolate 3 games – PAC-MAN by Namco […]

[…] LG Chocolate 3 games – PAC-MAN by Namco […]

[…] LG Chocolate 3 games – PAC-MAN by Namco […]

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