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LG KD876 3G cell phone introduce at During CHITEC 2008. LG KD876 3G cell phone has equipped with 3M and 0.3M cameras and has support TD-SCDMA,3G network.Stay Tuned for more information of this 3G phone.LG Cell phone news

LG KD876 3G cell phone photos

LG KD876 3G cell phone photosLG KD876 3G cell phone photos 









3G mobile phone introduce

TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access), China’s homegrown standard for 3G, is high-speed wireless connection services for 3G mobile phone users.LG Cell phone Reviews

China Mobile displayed six brands of mobile phones including ZTE U980, Samsung L288, LG KD876 3G cell phone, New Postcom N268, Hisense T68 and Lenovo TD800 at exhibition halls in Nanshan and Luohu districts. In a Luohu hall, ZTE U980 and LG KD876 3G cell phone were sold out before 3 p.m.Many people  bought an LG KD876 3G cell phone, because “it is the trendiest.”

I think if you want to use 3G in China,you can buy the LG KD876 3G cell phone. It not only sees beautifull,but also provide you a strong function in operation and media play.

LG KD876 Cell Phone Previews

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LG KD876 Cell Phone

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