LG canU-F1100 clamshell phone released in Korea

LG has just released its new clamshell phone ‘canU-F1100’ in Korea market that targets those who want to increase their word power everywhere they go. The canU-F1100 boasts powerful electronic dictionary function, which includes a database of over 560,000 words information in English and Japanese, and a variety of conversation examples with authentic native-speaker voice. LG Cell phone news

LG canU-F1100 photos LG Cell phone pictures



The LG canU-F1100 also features include hotkey for the electronic dictionary function, glide sensor technology on the keypad, automatic global roaming service in 18 countries and a 2.7 inch WVGA display for web surfing, e-mail, widget, mobile messenger and more. Now the device is available for 500,000 KRW ($ 345) in Korea.

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